2017 Prize Winners

Local category: Individual

Dr. Janan Faraj Falah

A pioneering force in advancing women’s rights across religions and denominations through a network of groundbreaking activities in Northern Israel.

In 2003, Dr. Faraj Falah founded the Women’s Vision of Acre Foundation with the specific goal of uniting Arab and Jewish women to address issues of social concern.
The first Israeli woman of Druze descent to receive her PhD, today she is also a Professor of Literature at the Arab Academic College of Education in Haifa and a researcher at the University of Haifa. She authored “The Druze Woman,” which is often referenced as the authoritative text detailing the role of women in her society. She works together with Partnership 2000 of the Jewish Agency as well as Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure that her messages of unity and the advancing role of women reach as wide an audience as possible.

Local Category: Intitiative

Kehillat Hadar, Haifa

The Hadar neighborhood is as close as it gets to the vision of unity – a vast range of culture and recreation, which embodies multiculturalism in all its forms.

Kehilat Hadar is a local community center established in 2005 to drive change in various aspects of communal life in Haifa’s Hadar neighborhood. Its vision is to create an attractive neighborhood for young families that takes care of all residents and serves as an urban center of culture and unity among its residents.

National Category

Tzav Piyus

Tzav Piyus’ mission is to repair the divisions in Israeli society by promoting values of mutual respect,tolerance, and unity.

Tzav Piyus works to develop an Israeli society in which Jews of differing perceptions along the secular-orthodox spectrum, share a strong commitment to Jewish and democratic values. Directly translated as “reconciliation order,” Tzav Piyus is a play on words for “tzav giyus,” a draft order, and works to heal divisions in Israeli society by promoting mutual respect, tolerance, unselfish love, and unity. The organization’s flagship projects dot the country, deepening connections between the various denominations via formal and informal educational contexts.



Limmud promotes global Jewish unity by offering an inclusive cross-communal space for Jews of all ages and backgrounds, to meet, learn, volunteer and build community.

Since its founding in 1980, Limmud has worked to foster a lively approach to Jewish learning in all its variety. Led by volunteers, Limmud is committed to harnessing the energy of people from across the Jewish community – of all ages, all religious affiliations and none – and from across the world. Limmud currently includes 84 communities in 44 countries. In 2016, Limmud events boasted more than 35,000 participants.

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